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Social Commerce

Think about the last time you decided to buy something new. Fancy packaging and branding aside, there’s always something a little more before making the decision, and often, conversations are the very thing that help us get there.

A quick message, short text, or even a little nudge goes a long way, and Polka Dot Digital knows that.

Tapping into that power of simple, effective communication, we designed Kaimono.ai, from the ground up. Kaimono.ai is a chatbot solution that makes conversational commerce possible for you and your brand.

Founded in 2019 and a subsidiary of award-winning digital marketing agency IDOTYOU, Polka Dot Digital provides you the necessary tools for social commerce. Together with our expertise in social media marketing, ad designing, media planning, and engaging livestream production, we’re ready to help you convert those conversations!

Social meets
Commerce -
There's just
something about
having a

Dorothy Fong
Dorothy Fong
Founder & CEO
Terry Tan
Terry Tan
Co-Founder & CTO
Max Chan
Max Chan
Shyen Khaw
Shyen Khaw